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Food Trucks To You connects local communities, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, local governments, schools, sports clubs, and special events organizers with food trucks. Our goal is to provide diverse culinary options to interested parties, offering regular visits throughout the year or for single events! We are happy to provide food trucks to cater events, parties, and any other celebration you may have! We ARE your one stop shop for incredible food!

Bring something special to your community as often as you’d like. Believe me, your community members will be thrilled! We have a slew of trucks that would love to come by and show off their culinary skills.

From tacos to sushi, burgers to dogs, pizza to ribs, Food Trucks To You won’t disappoint. Be sure to check out the many trucks we offer, and feel free to request a special truck if you’d like. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Click here if your a Subdivision or Neighborhood.

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“Our family was so impressed with the wide variety of food trucks offered throughout the summer.”

Kathryn Wagner, Saline, Michigan